Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your sales funnel without ever having to cold call or attend those regular networking meetings? Imagine how more productive your salespeople would be if they were only talking with clearly identified hot leads?


Can you imagine what this would do for your business and how it would finally put an end to salesperson burning and churning.


In this article I’m going to show you how to fill your sales funnel without ever having to cold call and have your ideal customers chasing after you!


That’s right, chasing after you!


But first…



The Cold Hard Truth About Marketing


No one likes being sold!


But you don’t need me to tell you that. You don’t like being sold, your friends and family don’t like being sold, so why on Earth would your customers be any different?


Okay, that’s clear, but how can you increase your sales if you are not selling anyone anything?


The simple answer is, it’s easy when you know-how.


You see, here’s the thing; the way sales work now and will work into the future has changed. Drastically.


And this is great! You want to know why? Because….



Consumers are Selling Themselves!


You see, consumers don’t get sold anymore, they do their own research and before they buy, they are already 98% sold.


And if you are still trapped in the dark ages, consider this…


Did you know that 94% of all sales begin online?


I was talking with a car dealership the other day and they sell a car 90% of the time on the customers’ first visit to the showroom.


Ten years ago, it would take 5-6 visits to the showroom and a number of test drives.


You see, the customer is doing all their test driving online first. This means they are smarter and better equipped to make decisions – and make them quickly!


So how can you capitalise on this new way of marketing and selling?


I’ll get to that soon, but before I do, let’s visit a few more consumer “truths” for today and into the future…




Consumers Virtually Oblivious to Almost all Advertising


We are so bombarded by ads screaming “buy me”, “you need me” that we simply hit the physical and mental “mute button” at every opportunity.


After all, there’s only so much information we can process on any given day.


This trend is online too, consider this…


Adblock (a browser extension that blocks ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook and your favourite websites ) has 144 MILLION USERS! (and yes I am one of them too)


So yup, people HATE ads.


Let’s be honest, they don’t even pick up their phones when they ring and many take days (if at all) to respond to messages from their friends!


So how do you reach your customers in a world of overwhelming advertising and smarter consumers that generally ignore everything?


The answer is….



Inbound Marketing


So, what exactly is “inbound marketing”?


In its simplest terms, you don’t sell to your customers… drum roll…


You help them!


Novel concept I know (sarcasm), but you’d best surprised what you can achieve by simply HELPING your customers get what they want.


You see, your customers are people that still have problems and needs.


But here’s the difference; they don’t want to hear about your product and/or service, they want to learn how you can solve their problems.


The important change in marketing perspective is inbound marketing is all about ATTRACTING your customers to you instead of pushing your product or service on them.


How Do You Create Successful Inbound Marketing?


Inbound Marketing is all about creating content that will help your customers; it’s as simple as that!


You answer their questions, solve their problems, and starting a relationship through offering great “content”.


You offer this content on your website, your social media channels and in videos on You Tube. The more content the better, but also be sure that it is high-quality, i.e. content that really helps solve a problem or fulfil a desire.


Once the relationship starts through great content, they will begin to trust you as an authority in your field and be curious about what solutions you have that can solve their problems or fulfil their desires.


They are now chasing YOU instead of you chasing them!


Whoooaa! What a shift!


Yes, that was “s-h-i-f-t!”


How would you like tons of highly (self) qualified leads simply turning up on your doorstep day in day out, month in month out?


How would you like to fill your sales funnel without ever having to cold call or having to talk your head off at networking events?


Well, now you know how.


When you build your reputation as an absolute authority in your niche (through great content), they’ll like you, they’ll know you, they’ll trust you, and then…. drum roll again…


They’ll buy from you!


Too good to be true?


You doubting-Thomas you.


Okay so let’s look at how this works at the next level…


It’s not always as simple as it sounds


As much as we’d like it to be, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns!


It still takes work. It’s just a different type of work and a different skill set required by your marketing and sales team.


And while I say it is work, once you understand how, you’ll be surprised at how stupidly simple it really is!


As an example, here’s how we do it…


1. We identify problems that our ideal customer have (we know because we ask them)

2. We write articles about those problems and publish them on our blog (you’re reading one now)

3. We promote those posts though our email list, Facebook, LinkedIn and affiliates.

4. Our ideal customers who have this/these problem(s) find them, read them, then see us as an authority – they trust us (who wouldn’t right 😉

5.  They get curious about our solutions and visit our website and download further information we have on offer.

6.  They’re now on our email list, so we send them more mind-blowing answers to their questions with an opportunity to contact us.

7. They book a call with us and sign up to scope out their requirements.

They book a call with us and sign up to scope out their requirements.


Honestly, it’s the easiest “sell” ever!


If you do this well, you’ll fill your sales funnel without ever having to cold call ever again!



How To Get Started


If you’ve followed me to this point, you’ll understand that you need to write a regular Blog and post it on your website and social media and share them as far and as wide as you can.


As we move into 2020 and beyond, if you want to fill your sales funnel without ever having to cold call ever again, this is what you’ll have to do. And you’ll need to do it at least once a week to stay relevant.


How to Blow the Competition Out of the Water


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