“We are a team of marketing professionals with 20-30 years of professional experience each. We provide Marketing Strategy, Client Journey Mapping, Digital Marketing Audits, Global Media Exposure and Implementation of Marketing Strategies.”

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Ahana Lara

Daniel Nilon

Rohan James

Aveline Clarke

Market Domination Specialist

I have always been fascinated with how to use marketing to get high visibility and engagement, attract high-quality leads and sales without spending a big budget and a lot of time.

At PROPEL, I  combine my experience in business building, content marketing, media marketing (PR, Radio and video), social media marketing, attraction marketing strategies, and my work with over 100 experts that I have interviewed over the years and create a step-by-step plan for market domination for our clients!

Sales and Conversion Guru

Daniel Nilon is a Speaker, Author and Online Business Coach for Rise and Be Rich (RBR). He is also the Rise and Be Rich podcast co-host, both for our iTunes show as well for Transformation Talk Radio.

Daniel has spent the last 7 years travelling around the world, speaking about innovation, entrepreneurship and how to succeed in starting and growing an online business.


Creative Director & Master Copywriter

I am passionate about helping your business acquire new clients, retain your existing clients and make sure that you get repeat sales and referrals.

I help you understand your business, clients, and objectives, then I help you create Mouth Watering Headlines & Sales Copy to ensure you get maximum bang for your buck from your marketing efforts.

I also facilitate the building of collateral the best collateral that will achieve  these aims.


Systems, Processes & Marketing Automation

 I was Australia’s first Infusionsoft Certified Partner in 2009.

My years of experience in corporate Australia and in particular for the NAB, gave me the opportunity to create large scale engagement and cultural change projects that involved marketing automation systems, process and people.

What is unique about me is my ability to understand a person’s true issue, find the right technology solution and then translate that into a marketing automation solution that focuses on the people experience!

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Having seen the fads come and go and the principles that stand the test of time for 25+ years, we want to provide you with the foundation and framework to take your already successful business onto the global stage and dominate your market.

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